For the People of La Carlota City Government is committed to pursue the following missions:

  • To promote the development philosophy of a leadership that is responsive to the ideals and aspirations of the people thru effective execution of laws, ordinances resolutions and orders as well as the executive orders for the creation and functionality of the local special bodies;
  • To build a well-coordinated environmental protection, preservation and management program from the provincial, to the city and the barangay levels, crossing sectoral barriers, for a safe, secure and sustainable environment; 
  • To create a healthy environment for economic growth and development thru provision of a guide to enterprise development (MSMEs) and livelihood opportunities reaching down to the greater majority, rather than the few;
  • To foster peace and understanding among La Carloteños and its satellite towns thru proper sectoral representations and encouragement, involving NGOs, POs, CSOs in directing the LGU towards community growth and development, social mobilization and empowerment, etc;
  • To provide support to the development of both organizations and human resources in the aim of developing self-reliance and self sufficiency among the people, common for both internal and external clients thru capability-building strategies;
  • To promote a well-oiled machinery for social, economic, politico-administrative, cultural and technological services to the constituents as well as those internal to the bureaucracy;  and
  • To continue the local disaster risk reduction and management program facing squarely the threats of climate change and environmental hazards, lessening people’s vulnerability to disaster and calamities thereby preventing loss of lives and properties.